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This project aims to bring forth a new approach to symbolism in architecture.  What makes a building a religious facility?  More specifically, what makes a structure Jewish?  Our intent was to generate a building that not only fulfilled our client's programmatic and spiritual needs by to also to make it "recognizable" as a home for Judaism.  Thus our approach to the design was to take traditional symbols of Judaism and blend them into the creation of form and space.


Situated on approximately 9 acres of forested land the Temple encompasses 33,000 square feet.  It houses a classroom wing, administrative offices, social hall, chapel and a sanctuary.  One of the client's main concerns was to create an environment where all the functions of the Temple could commingle.  To solve this request a central courtyard was designed as the axle from which all the program functions radiate.  Every space can be accessed through this contained exterior space, thus allowing the school children to interact with those going to service or going to a function at the social hall.




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