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New offices for a financial planning firm require both pragmatic innovation and an architecture that takes risk while staying grounded within its own sense of place. 


Located on the corner of two primary streets, this 8,500 square foot building aims to not only mark its literal position within the city but to define a new gateway to the historic Towles Court creative arts neighborhood.  This was accomplished by sliding the massing of the building towards the intersection of the streets and by bringing the material language of the local bungalows on to the building itself.  This meant using mitered siding to delineate the corner “object” and selectively placing the material throughout to draw you into the heart of the neighborhood.  By doing so, this “traditional” material became an innovative place maker and the dialogue starter between our building and its context. The language of the street was brought inside by using the siding as a decorative element in the Lobby thus further tying the building to its context.  







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