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Contemporary Architecture




This project presented a multitude of challenges including strict community rules and regulations that reduced the allowed height, setbacks and materials allowed.  Furthermore, as a waterfront residence looking west, balancing maximum views while still providing shade from the harsh sun was of primary importance.


To maximize the interior room heights while still complying with the height restrictions our design approach was to minimize the second floor thickness by using steel beams and hollow core concrete planks more typically used in commercial construction.  In addition we wanted to create a more horizontal appearance to the home and minimize the “big box” appearance created by these restrictions.  We achieved this through a series of  “floating beams” that extend the lines of the house.  These beams along with a deep overhang over the master bedroom suite serve to create deep shade on the waterfront facing west facade.


200 S. Washington Blvd. #3     Sarasota FL 34236       T. 941.366.822  F. 941.366.9888

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