Sabal Palm Plaza-Night2
Sabal Palm Plaza-Night1
Sabal Palm Plaza-Aerial1
Sabal Palm Plaza-Boaz Vaadia Sculpture
Sabal Palm Plaza-Point1
Sabal Palm Plaza-NorthDetailCropped
Sabal Palm Plaza-PanelDetail
Sabal Palm Plaza-South Detail
Sabal Palm Plaza-NE Corner
Sabal Palm Bank-Interior1
Sabal Palm Bank-Interior4
Sabal Palm Bank-Interior3
Sabal Palm Plaza-Dusk1

Sabal Palm Plaza


This 32,000 square-foot, four story office building is located on a wedge-shaped lot at the confluence of 3 streets in downtown Sarasota. The primary East/ West thoroughfare curves just slightly west of the site and thus creates an opportunity to face the building directly towards onto oncoming traffic. These constraints; the shape of the lot and the curvature of the road became a driving force behind the design of the building. Our focus was to create a dynamic building that spoke to its context while creating a sense of place within the fabric of the city.  


White-painted stucco contrasts against a series of wood composite panels that form its cladding. This wood composite panels is a rainscreen system that provides additional insulation and protection from rain, thus speaking to building sustainability within a subtropical climate.  Further reinforcing passive design concepts, the building is organized with most of the offices facing North to receive the best lighting possible for its tenants.

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